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artist statement.

Andie is an interdisciplinary artist based in Melbourne. Working primarily in painting, Andie’s figurative works explore the visceral and sensitive nature of memory, especially in developmental years. In particular, her work seeks to validate the experience of ‘girlhood’ and highlight it as a useful tool to process past and future experiences.

Motivated by an awareness of how ephemeral moments can be, Andie’s work is deeply diaristic. Inspired by her own photographs, videos and writing, her pieces pay tribute adolescent anxieties and the fallibility of adulthood. More recently, Andie has integrated collage as a means of deepening her connection to the viewer.  By incorporating known references, mundane imagery and ‘craft’ materials, Andie’s more particular experiences are abridged by the common conceits portrayed in collage. With this in mind, she hopes to unify viewers in their more vulnerable moments.

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