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artist statement.

Cesar Marulanda is a self taught artist born in Bogota, Colombia in 1986. He grew up in the city and in the country side where he developed a passion for art, Rock climbing and music. In 2004 he travelled to Melbourne, Australia where he currently resides and continues to do art with screen printing, painting and recycled materials as a medium under the alias of Aora.

In 2011 Cesar started selling his art and craft in an attempt to be self sustainable with his own creations. He started with screen printing and street art as well as making materials made out of discarded plastic bags to create accessories such wallets and bags to sell at local markets under the name of Aoracreo.

With a major interest in sharing the knowledge about recycling plastic as an art medium, Cesar has run plastic recycling and art workshops to individuals and groups in Colombia,  Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Germany and France. Many of them being teachers and artists that understand the benefits of recycling and art in society.

In 2016, Cesar started a Bachelor degree in Industrial Design at RMIT University to develop further on the matter of plastics as the possibilities to make more complex products evolved. Therefore he thought it was a good time to take it to the next level not only to develop more the idea but also to gain design skills that will facilitate his creative work.

Right now, Cesar is merging his passion for art and design using sustainability. His work responds to the current plastic pollution crisis that is affecting the entire planet. With his work, Cesar aims to demonstrate the massive potential in using plastic waste as a medium to combine art and design in objects that are unique pieces of work with a useful and ethical purpose. Cesar can be found at his studio melting plastics, or climbing at the local bouldering gym.

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