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Melbourne Street Tours

Blender Studios has strong ties and a long history within the Melbourne Street Art scene. When Blender first started in 2001, street art as we know it today did not exist. It was a very underground movement... in its infancy. The Blender crew (that included James Dodd, Anthony Lister, Haha and many more who would go on to become pioneers of the scene) would gather each evening at the Blender and head out to hit the streets with buckets of paint and spray cans, spreading their art and political messages across the walls of Melbourne. Read more about the early days here. 


During 2006-2007, Doyle and Haha shared a studio space in Hosier Lane and each day they would hear passersby commenting on the street art. They would generally have no knowledge or information about the pieces, and often make very harsh and critical judgements. As a result of this, discussions began about running our own tour to educate the public with the aim of showcasing the best of this budding art scene that was blossoming in the city's hidden laneways.

By 2009, the first ever Street Art Tours of Melbourne began, hosted by a charismatic selection of some of the city's more prominent street artists. 

To this day Melbourne Street Tours continues to be the only street art tour in Australia run by street artists. 


Tours include the Fitzroy Tour and ever popular CBD Tour, and are open to the general public, schools, corporate groups, team building, and private events. 

To find out more information head over to our

Melbourne Street Tours website.

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Blender Studios has a flourishing history of workshops under its belt, thanks to the incredible variety of artists that call Blender home. Having 23+ artists practicing across a huge array of mediums and styles has allowed Blender to offer countless workshops to people from all walks of life.


From schools, youth centres, universities, councils and corporate groups we have offered a huge variety of workshops from spray painting to lettering and crafts, student street art mentoring, artist residencies in schools and everything in between. With such a diverse crew of artists at Blender Studios, we can cater to all needs and requirements.

Visit our Blender Institute website for more information. 

the blender institute.

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