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If you don't know Goonhugs then you don't know your stickers. Goon has been prolifically slapping his unique alien like tag stickers in and around Melbourne for a number of years now, and is definitely a major player in the Melbourne sticker scene. 

He's a multi talented fellow though, this Goonie. Lately he's been focusing his attention on a series of dioramas, showcasing some of the many locations his stickers reside - but also documenting, in miniature, the grime and filth of the urban landscape that he loves!

In 2016, his first solo show of dioramas was a sell out success. Each diorama was been painstakingly handcrafted with at least 250 hours going into each piece. What's even more astounding is that Goon makes do with very few tools and tricks. Goon doesn't even own a lamp or eyeglass (typical dioramas building tools), just a of pair of tweezers, 4 brushes, a glue gun and whatever scraps of cardboard and paint he can get his dirty little hands on. Each piece starts as a simple cardboard box, then is shaped and moulded into place from there. Either existing tags from these locations have been replicated or tags that Goon loves have been replicated and placed where they look their best!

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