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James James


James James is an EssJayDoubleEwe from the southern-most country on the Earth, trying to attempt to make dark observations about his dark observations, mostly sex and society...BORING! Nah, really: He's a Cartoonist. You ever see Leunig? No heart in him. Soul-less. Needs a sexy replacement, but the bird-cage liner The Age won't release him, his son Sunny is a magician, oh sorry this is supposed to to be profresh'n'l.


James has been featured on Instagram with the hashtag:"behaving himself", yet James doesn't know what a hashtag is, let alone how to be told to behave himself. He pretty much does his own thing and only acts up when he is told that he is behaving himself. Like a little kid in school. Mr. James writes and draws but believes he is a better writer than a drawer and a better sleeper than a dreamer although he does succumb to waking nightmares in daily life; anyway a drawer is what you keep your pantyhose in. Don't get 'em in a knot, girls!

Mr.James has many enemies in the lower non fine-arts communities & for many clear and obvious reasons stated above. He will outlive them all or die. Bless them and may the pigs that crawl from their asses drown in the ivory thrones they are dropped into.

James has been published in hundreds of magazines, has been self publishing since 1994 and drawing comics since 1985. He has also been a has been since 1999. Once was​​​​ named "The bad-boy of New Zealand Comics" by Dylan Horrocks, which he personally considers his highest accolade thus far. His most recent works made Barry Linton cry. If you don't know who Barry Linton is, look him up. James was a total loser until his girlfriend got him a job in 2001 doing animation where he learnt all kinds of super computer tricks. He fucking hated it all and just wanted to go back on the dole and drink and smoke pot. Which he did, until his mother got him a job doing animation (on New Zealand's most successful animated TV show ever) 5 years later. Which he fucking hated.

James has since moved to Australia and has not smoked weed or pursued a career in the animation indury for a decade, focusing solely on static images, sequential art, jokes, whiskey, wine, women and words.

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