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artist statement.

Jenny Mai Hall is a visual artist who works across various mediums including photography, printmaking, painting, performance and video.

Her work explores 'the everyday' in connection with and in contrast to  the fragility of the human condition. The reflective surface of the mirror. acts of narcissism, the transparency of the screen and the mask of celebrity. Hall's videos are self portraits, that are often confronting as she plays with notions of beauty, identity and gender politics.

Jenny Mai Hall, Joel Gailer and Michael Mennegetti are the primary members of Performprint.

"By the incorporation of different fields of interest (print and performance) we want the audience to experience the relevance of print as a performative vehicle. This is printmaking expressed through durational performance and risk taking to create a mash-up of ideas about live art, printmaking, the gender ego, endurance and stereotypes."
- Performprint

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