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Linda Veska is an emerging artist with a focus on abstract representational painting. Since completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2004, she has more recently completed Honours in 2022. As well as painting, Linda develops her inspirational muse through architectural techniques employed to make miniature models, as well as digital explorations in 2D and 3D.

Linda was awarded the Salamanca Arts Centre Graduate Scholarship in 2022 which included a residency over the summer and solo exhibition “Restless” in March 2023. 

In recent years Linda has been teaching children in schools and art workshops. In the past she has had solo exhibitions at Entrepot Gallery and Kaos Café in Hobart, participated in Living Artists Week, as well as some curating and participation in group shows.


In 2022 she began painting chairs in the bush or semi-public historic buildings, focusing initially on the flimsiest of chairs, a foldable camping chair expanding this to include dissident and refugee chairs, and campervans. Contradictory feelings of rest, hesitation, and nomadic life (whether voluntary or not) can be represented by doorways and chairs. Layers conceal and reveal the past as another world, long gone.


Linda Veska

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