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Lucas Geor

artist profile.

Lucas Geor (b.1988, Sydney, Australia) is an Australian based artist, working across a variety of genres and disciplines. 

Geor uses pop culture references from decades past, in order to convey a sense of nostalgia in his works and has coined the term Abstract Cartoon Realism to describe the genre of his paintings. 

His paintings, created mainly using acrylics and spray paint, are an intertwining of obscure, abstract backgrounds, bootlegged pop culture references and pseudo realistic, painted figures. 

Geor is inspired by artists spanning many movements and genres, from Dutch still life to the cartoon landscape backdrops of Looney Tunes and The Simpsons as well as commercial trades such as sign painting and advertising. 

Geor’s paintings synthesize fine details and his tongue-in-cheek humor through an assured, lyrical spontaneity. He has exhibited throughout Australia and the United States and featured as a finalist in a number of prizes.

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