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Pimpisa Tinpalit

artist statement.

Creating a Whimsically Surreal World

A childlike sense of wonder animates Pimpisa Tinpalit’s sculptures. “I sculpt every day,” she says, “and am always excited to find new methods.” That constant search for the new is found in the unexpected combinations that form the basis of her pieces, from the mix of colours and textures to the role that written language and found objects play.

But the most unusual combinations found in Tinpalit’s work are within their subjects. Using both bronze and fibreglass, she creates a surreal universe in which otherworldly beings merge the characteristics of humans, animals and machines.

Artist tempers that aura of the unexpected with a balanced, composed feeling. “Colour brings harmony to the forms I sculpt,” notes Tinpalit, and she uses her eye for colour to give her works a dynamic flow that keeps the viewer’s eye in motion while bringing all of their various elements together. In addition, the sculptor uses her skill at rendering
a wide variety of textures to give each of her pieces a vivid physicality, bringing her fantastic characters to full-blooded life. Inspired by her desire to tell “the story of imagination,” Tinpalit successfully tells that story, and brings the viewer’s imagination into it as well.

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