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Ryan Naga

artist profile.

Ryan Naga (he/him) is a visual artist born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He began drawing in 2016 after becoming a member of the Urban Sketchers, coming into contact with artists who have now become friends and mentors. After his first solo show in 2019 in Penang, he moved to Perth for a double major in Finance and Economics at the University of Western Australia. 

Ryan will be taking on a virtual residency with us crossing over the physical borders closed by Covid-19 and proving that art can transcend anything to connect us all.

'I make graphite drawings of places and spaces that are familiar to me in the intersection of my experiences – cars speeding in the dark, DHL packages, and my study table after an all-nighter. My work is informed by my training in Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, using elements of compositional balance, space, and pencil drawing. I make these drawings from the perspective of a young person of colour looking at a new space from the outside in, navigating through unfamiliarity, nostalgia, and eagerness.

In 2018, I was invited to be the first artist-in-residence in the St Regis Langkawi. In 2019, I conducted a joint live painting demonstration together with Master Rosalynn Teoh for the Malaysian Annual Chinese Cultural Festival. I draw for exhibitions, host demonstrations and workshops, organise community art events, and hold youth advisory positions in Western Australian art organisations including Perth Festival, Art Gallery of Western Australia, and the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery.'


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