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Tanja Milbourne

artist profile.

Growing up as a 'Third Culture Kid', I have called a multitude of very different countries 'home', and it has always been difficult to pin down exactly 'where I'm from'.

I have often experienced a sense of rootlessness……of not fitting in….. a feeling of uncertainty.

Throughout my youth I was an enthusiastic dancer of ballet, jazz, tap and contemporary. This was a red thread throughout my life and gave me a sense of belonging.

'In Equilibrium' series explores our relationship with our body and seeks to express, through the language of dance, our emotional experience of being in the world.

The body is central to our emotions and language alone is inadequate. I would argue that dance is a universal language spoken by the body rather than the mouth (or hands).

Dance leaves room for the viewer to explore their own emotions and interpretation. It is a unique way to connect to self and the world beyond one's own body. It can also alter one’s state of consciousness and is an important part of ceremony and ritual across the earth.

I choose to photograph exact moments in time where the dancer appears in a state of equilibrium - where intent or chance cannot be determined, It is deliberately a moment of uncertainty, which I believe is exemplary of the human condition.


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