Vicki is a British artist based at The Blender Studios in West Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on portraiture, the subjects being influential figures throughout history and popular culture. Vicki experiments with a diverse range of mediums but specialise in white acrylic on black backgrounds. Including Bare Conductive paint, this is a combination of paint and electricity. The use of this adds an innovative, technical element- bringing the portraits to life and making interactive.  Vicki went to Oxford Brookes University for Fine Art and completed a Masters at Derby University to become an Art Psychotherapist.

During this time she studied the history of Portraiture in popular cultural, religious iconography and the use of portraits in diagnosing and understanding Mental Health in the 19th/20th Century. Followed, by conducting research into the Archetypal imagery and symbolism in dreams; to explore the unconscious. The Psychodynamic theories and Art history behind these topics influence her Artwork and perception of Art.  Vicki works to improve her technical ability with each new Artwork and uses her knowledge of Art History and Art Therapy to try to capture emotions and explore the unconscious. Her Artwork has been exhibited throughout England (London, Derby and Oxford). Vicki has progressed to larger mural work, that can be seen in Australia and New Zealand.



BIC Doodle Competition, in the top 40.
Oct 2015

Derby Law School Art Competition
Sep 2015
University of Derby



Oxford (Where's the Hover? 2012)

London (Free Range 2013, Brick Lane)

Oxford (BAcubed. Oxford Brookes University. 2013)

Derby (University of Derby, Masters Art Therapy Degree Show Exhibition) 2015



Oxford Mail | First Person -  Claudia Figuerodo: Emerging from Cocoons 


The English Eye | Oxford Brookes University: BA3 Fine Art Degree Show

Oxford Mail | Artist Attempts to Capture the 'Character' of Savile

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