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Vicki developed a love of Art from a young age, this grew into a passion to perfect and capture emotions through portraiture. This developed into a fascination on how Art can be a powerful tool to communicate, explore and understand the Psyche.


Vicki went on to study Fine Art at Oxford Brookes University and later completed a Masters to become a registered Art Psychotherapist. Vicki learnt the Psychodynamic and Physiological theories on how Art can regulate the nervous system and be a visual language to represent the conscious and unconscious.


Vicki now uses Art to meditate, regulate emotions and express experiences through symbolism and Archetypal imagery. Commonly seen through the use of Portraiture and balance between controlled/fluid mediums. This is a constant evolving process, informed by research and continuing exploration.


Vicki has taught recreational Art classes in England and Australia and has exhibited throughout England (London, Derby and Oxford). Now based in Blender Studios, Vicki has progressed to larger mural work across Australia and New Zealand.



BIC Doodle Competition, in the top 40.
Oct 2015

Derby Law School Art Competition
Sep 2015
University of Derby



Oxford (Where's the Hover? 2012)

London (Free Range 2013, Brick Lane)

Oxford (BAcubed. Oxford Brookes University. 2013)

Derby (University of Derby, Masters Art Therapy Degree Show Exhibition) 2015



Oxford Mail | First Person -  Claudia Figuerodo: Emerging from Cocoons 


The English Eye | Oxford Brookes University: BA3 Fine Art Degree Show

Oxford Mail | Artist Attempts to Capture the 'Character' of Savile

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