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Nicky Supansa



artist statement.

I am an artist from Thailand. I produce realistic paintings, and my creative work
mostly includes drawing, printmaking, sculpture and installation.
I have an interest in the self and the human body. I find the realism of life translates
through the human body; we are all the same. I hope to show the importance of my
cultural diaspora, through my humanist imagery.

I graduated and received my Bachelor of Fine arts from Chiangmai University,
Thailand. I have been living in Australia for 3 years, and whilst here I have been
continuing to improve my technical ability and the craftsmanship of my artworks.
In 2017, I joined The Blender Studios, one of the oldest art studios in Melbourne.
Since then I have painted many murals and public artworks around Australia, including a project created on a 44m. tall water tower in western Queensland.


Supansa (Nicky) Thongsuk

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