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Maha is a Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist who has been a longstanding resident of the iconic Blender Studios. Using spray paints, brush, and roller to create hyper-realistic artworks. Drawing on his 15-year practice of using spray paint, Maha’s work attempts to merge the worlds of street art and fine art. His monotone and see-through realism works explore themes of identity and belonging. His figures often share a connection to their background, whether that be reflected through a shared palette or as seen through the layering of transparent figures with suggestions of a fading sense of identity while also exploring our own connection to and place in our world. 

Maha is experienced in small and large-scale mural projects and has undertaken a wide variety of privately and publically commissioned projects. His signature style is a highly technical and unique juxtaposition of realism, portraiture, and abstract surrealism. 

Maha also works regularly as a professional Street Art tour guide and spray-painting mentor


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