blender studios

"I remember looking at the empty warehouse, there was rubbish and dust everywhere. It was hard to convince anyone that this space could be anything more than a demolition site. I was about 22 at the time (2000) and it was a massive investment. We divided the space up into 22 open studios..."

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artist blender studios


We have 25+ talented artists at Blender Studios, practicing across a huge array of mediums.

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blender studios street art tours and workshops

Street Art tour and workshop

Blender Studios also runs Melbourne Street Tours, the only street art tour in Australia run by artists.

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blender commission and consultation blender creatives

Commission and Consultation

Looking to commission an artist directly for a project or need creative consultation? Murals, Paintings, Installations and more!

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We run a research based gallery - Dark Horse Experiment - for contemporary and experimental art.

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blender loftBlender ARTIST LOFT

Located on top of blender studios, the loft is luxuriou sself contained accommodate decorated with curates artwork from blender artists

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blender events and news

Upcoming events and News

Find out what what events are coming up on the Blender Family Calendar.

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