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artist statement.

"From his beginnings as a graffiti artist in Rural Australia to becoming an internationally recognized muralist, Damien Mitchell's journey has led him to work out of bustling artistic hubs such as Prague and the iconic streets of New York City. For over two decades, Mitchell has been a stalwart figure in the global art scene, contributing to the cultural tapestry of each city he has called home. Recently based out of Melbourne, Mitchell continues to transform urban landscapes into dynamic canvases that speak to the soul of the city. With a distinct style that blends street art, realism, and social commentary, Mitchell's work resonates with a raw energy that captures the essence of the human experience.

His relocation to Melbourne has not only added a new chapter to his artistic narrative but has also infused his work with the spirit of a city known for its thriving arts community. Mitchell's art stands as a vibrant testament to the interconnectedness of cultures, transcending borders and resonating with audiences worldwide."

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