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Valérian Lenud

artist profile.

Valérian Lenud, best known as VALÉ, is a contemporary street artist whose passion for capturing the essence of different cultures and communities shines through his work. Born in France in 1990, VALÉ’s travels around the world serve as the foundation for his stunning artworks.


His art blends traditional portraiture with a colorful, street-art aesthetic, showcasing his experiences and thoughts through his lens. In addition to cultures, VALÉ is dedicated to representing global issues in his paintings. Children's rights, peace in conflict zones, and environmental sustainability are recurring themes he passionately portrays, aiming to raise awareness and inspire positive change.


VALÉ’s portraits are a celebration of the vibrancy of life and a call to action, reminding us of the importance of preserving our shared heritage and experiences.

In addition, Valérian also engages in social projects and community initiatives, working with local communities to bring awareness and celebrate their unique stories and cultures.


He primarily works with spray paint, layering his images with numerous hand-cut stencils to create dynamic pieces embellished with brushes, palette knives and oil pastels.

Whether he is creating large-scale murals, spontaneous street pieces on city walls or more intimate canvases, VALÉ's work is characterized by his ability to bring color and life to the urban landscape and capture the essence of the world around him, with a commitment to using his art to bring people together.


Valérian collaborates with galleries, social projects, festivals and brands. His artwork can be found in France, Monaco, New-York, Japan, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, México, Argentina, Chile and Colombia. To name some places, he exhibits with Galerie Saint Martin in Saint-Tropez, Courchevel and Arcachon, ArtsRange in Honfleur, with Urban Art Signature in Miami, Carré d’Artistes in New-York and Amsterdam, Baga06 in México.

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