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Helena Marina

artist profile.

Helena Marina is a Melbourne-based multi-disciplinary artist who works across street art, photography, fashion, drawing and painting. Helena’s work focuses on the psychological and emotional aspects of the human condition, combining aspects of her personal life with contemporary influences of the everyday, spirituality and philosophy. Helena is interested in analysing value systems and identity, especially those associated with the aesthetics of popular culture and subculture. Notions of the center and the periphery are in direct conversation in Helena’s work, where she works through ideas surrounding contemporary life, it’s challenges and the ways in which it presents itself in socioeconomics, mental health and technology. Also a prolific muralist, her public artworks can be found around Melbourne’s inner suburbs under the name ‘heralennox’. Helena is currently completing a Bachelor of Design Arts at LCI , majoring in the Visual Arts. She has a Diploma of Visual Arts from RMIT. And has featured in local exhibitions such as the U.N.I.T.Y exhibition at bside gallery and the Trouble maker’s exhibition at VS studios.


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