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Bleeding Thoughts - Freo's Art

The opening night to 'Bleeding Thoughts' a solo exhibition with recent works of Jack Freeman, Freo's Art.

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Bleeding Thoughts - Freo's Art
Bleeding Thoughts - Freo's Art

studio location.

10 Nov 2023, 6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Blender Studios, 33-35 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia


Artist Statement: 

"Bleeding Thoughts" is my personal odyssey through the intricate terrain of mental health, an intimate collection that delves into the various dimensions of this complex subject. I draw inspiration from my own experiences, allowing this exhibition to transcend the boundaries of vulnerability and explore a diverse spectrum of mental health themes. The purples and pinks I've chosen were inspired by a poignant moment when I found solace amidst a purpley-pink flower during a time of emotional turmoil, and they serve as a profound anchor throughout the series. I've depicted many female figures in these works, shedding light on the societal norms that make it more acceptable for women to openly express their suffering, prompting us to question why similar encouragement isn't extended to males. "Bleeding Thoughts" serves as my personal catalyst for the vital conversation about mental health, with the aim of dissolving the stigma that surrounds it and inspiring challenging dialogues to foster a more empathetic world.

This exhibition will also be present at Blender Studios through the duration of: November 9-12th, 10-4PM.


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