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artist statement.

Jo Travis is a Melbourne based stencil artist, painting under the pseudonym of N2O since 2016. Her distinctive, hand-cut, multi-layer stencils are often site-specific and playfully interact with the built environment, creating a moment of surprise, delight and wonder in the urban setting.

Exploring ideas of childhood and memory, N2O creates works that evoke nostalgia and encourage reflection. Her work aims to remind us of a time when we did things for the pure joy of it and to inspire our adult selves to again embrace this ideal. Viewing childhood in the context of the past, present and future, N2O explores how childhood shapes us and how play connects us.

With a background in ceramic design, Jo completed a BA of Fine art in 1993, her early work focused on creating large scale sculptural ceramic works inspired by the shapes and textures found in nature. Over the years she has explored multiple disciplines including painting, pastel drawing, and printmaking, all of which have influenced her current practice.

N20 has contributed to various group show and was shortlisted for the 2019 Stencil Art prize. She has completed numerous public works and private commissions both locally and internationally. N20 is currently a resident artist at The Blender Studio.

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